I want to restore faith in my community by bringing

accountability, integrity, and transparency back to local government.



Many issues can be resolved when communication happens.  In order for communication to take place, a person must be accessible in some manner.  I pledge to be accessible by phone, email, or in person like you’ve never seen before in local government and will encourage my colleagues to do the same.  As your councilwoman, I will dedicate at least one day a week to scheduled office hours for in person meetings with constituents.


Once upon a time, community centers were the heart and soul of the neighborhood.  They were a place you could go to learn, fellowship, shoot some hoops, and become up-to-date with the latest happenings around you.  This is still the case for some community centers, but not for all.  It’s prime time to restore community centers back to their original intent with a new energy.  I want to revive community centers in District 6, in an effort to provide a safe haven for those who need it as well a venue to become refreshed and socialize amongst neighbors.  In doing so, I believe we create familiarity amongst one another and thus a safer space.  As we know, the more you know the more you grow.


Crime is an issue that must be tackled in the city of Memphis as a whole, so that we can become top of the list for positive acknowledgements and not as a crime-ridden city.  The first step is to instill hope in those who have lost it or are close to giving up while providing equitable access to opportunities.  We must also establish and improve Community Policing Relations.  The way we do this is by demanding transparency between the Memphis Police Department, City of Memphis, and the constituents.  Having open and honest discussions regarding policy, training, and solutions are the guiding steps to establishing a solid foundation.  When everyone involved believes and sees that the powers that be are being held accountable for their actions, trust is established.  Once trust is established, then progress can begin.


For many years, we have seen surrounding neighborhoods get developed over and over and over again.  There is no reason for District 6 to have a direct pipeline from Westwood to Downtown and continuously miss out on community growth.  I pledge to #ThinkSmart when it comes to making decisions regarding development.  I see space and opportunity when it comes to building up the district.  There are multiple shopping centers and housing areas that deserve a fresh look, just as is happening in Midtown and Downtown.  Additionally, I am firm on requiring that businesses seeking to develop in District 6 provide living wages for their employees at every level.


We are past due for police and fire to have their benefits restored.  Everybody deserves healthcare.  As working folks, they like any other profession deserve to have good pension plans as well.  A morale boost which is needed for the retainment of good first responders is a direct result of what could happen with the restoration of benefits.


It is a MUST to improve our public transit system.  Operating hours must be extended, the number of coverings at stops has to increase, and schedules have to become more reliable.  It’s imperative to seek and secure additional funding sources to support MATA with the same energy as when the city wants to establish a new downtown development, remodel our convention center, or provide incentives for big corporations.