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MEET Theryn aka #Political Barbie

Theryn C. Bond also known as #PoliticalBarbie is a native Memphian whose family legacy runs deep in politics and civil rights.  Her quick-wit and way of words make her an extremely sought out Messaging Maven.  Her ability to successfully manage day-to-day operations for a candidate, strategize, and think quick on her feet make her a highly-requested Campaign Manager.  Coming from a bloodline of game changers, it only makes sense that she continue the legacy through community work, motivational speaking, and fighting for what's right.  Just a girl from South Memphis, growing up in the hood, she often felt ahead of her time and a yearning to make it out.  Her journey would take her through being a Regional Spelling Bee Champ, Mathlete, journalist, activist, and community advocate.  Often speaking up for the seemingly voiceless, Theryn has a heart for the people and works tirelessly to hold those in power accountable to improving quality of life for all.

Her unique approach to life has made waves across the city, county, state, and entire U.S.  A woman who's passionate about all things media, social justice, politics, and good food too, she’s determined to break barriers, change the world, and live life adventurously.   Having done a documentary on "Jena 6" for her senior thesis in undergrad, she knows just what it's like to be on the front lines and stare adversity in the face.  It was during that time that the fire inside her for "All Things Activism" was truly ignited and since then the flame hasn't died.  Being a voice for the voiceless is not for the faint of heart, but she does it with an edge never before seen.  Theryn’s favorite quote that also happens to encompass her being perfectly comes from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History."  Her Campaign Management includes wins for State Legislative Races, Juvenile Court Clerk, and City Court Judge.

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